måndag 9. mars 2009

Stalin vs. The Martians

Kva er dette?

Year 1942. Summer. The martians suddenly land somewhere in Siberia and attack the glorious people of Holy Mother Russia. It is a hard time for USSR as you might know from the history books if you ever attended school. The situation is really fucked up, so comrade Stalin takes the anti-ET military operation under his personal control. The operation is a top secret and virtually nobody knows about the fact of extraterrestial intervention.
Aha! Det forklarar det... det er eit spel! Ikkje sant?
— Well, that's it. Under the Stalin's command we must take control over Red Army forces and kick some alien ass. What shocks the most is that the martian forces look like a gay parade of Nintendo-styled cartoonish creatures.
Eg forstår... javel... ja... Eg skjønner at Stalin vs. The Martians er eit spel eg berre må... ha? Eller?

2 kommentarer:

  1. Du verden, nå har jeg sett techno-Stalin og. всë это и птичье молоко.

    Per C.

  2. Ja, eg hadde alltid trudd han foretrakk industri...